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Are you looking for a website to check FESCO BILL ONLINE? Here, fescoebills.com.pk is a website to check bills online. You can also download and get a copy of your original FESCO electricity bill for payment purposes. To check your electricity bill, please input the 14-digit reference number or your customer ID in the above section.

FESCO consumers can also check and download their electricity bill to see if it is the first or latest for a new or old meter connection. Most customers from Faisalabad and Sargodha to Mianwali and Chiniot districts can also search their electricity bill by entering their 14-digit reference number and 10-digit customer ID. You can also verify your FESCO bill online to see if your previous month bill was paid or not by entering your customer ID and reference number.

How do I find a 14-digit reference number?

You must have a 14-digit reference code or customer ID to check the bill details of your residential place, commercial area, or industrial unit. Put your reference number in the above section, and you will get your FESCO online bill details. If you are still puzzled about the reference number or ID, then check the highlighted area.

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How to check the FESCO bill online?

There are two methods to check the FESCO electricity bill. You can check it by choosing one method. To check your electricity bill online, you must have a 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer ID to put in.

Following are the steps for your guidance on how to check your FESCO online bill.

  1. Type check FESCO bill online in Google and search.
  2. Visit the fescoebills.com.pk website.
  3. If you have a reference number, then click on Reference No. After entering your 14-digit reference number, press the submit button.
  4. If you have a consumer ID, then click on Customer ID. Enter your 10-digit consumer ID and click submit.
  5. View the full bill in detail.
  6. You can also download it in the form of a PDF and print it by clicking on print or by pressing the CTRL+P button for further inconvenience.
  7. You can also check your previous month electricity bill.

If you are living under the areas of MEPCO, then you can check your MEPCO Online Bill.


IndustryElectricity Distribution
Founded1998, 26 years ago
Main Service AreaFaisalabad, Pakistan
ProvincePunjab (8 districts)
CEOMujahid Islam Billah
Estimated Revenue$26.54 billion (2023)
No. of employees3000
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The abbreviated word “FESCO” stands for Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company. This company was established in 1998. The Government of Pakistan (GOP) signed the agreement with the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) on March 21, 1998, as a public limited company (Co.LTD).

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) distributes the authorized license to Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. By following this ACT under its territory, it fulfills the requirements of millions of people.The current CEO of FESCO is Mujahid Islam Billah. He took over the company’s leadership in 2017.

According to Electric Power NEPRA’s ACT 1997, FESCO will provide sufficient, reliable, and affordable electricity to its consumers.With minimal distribution in loss of electricity and high ratings in bills, it is considered one of the best electric companies in Pakistan. Faisalabad, due to its high facilities for electricity, is considered the Manchester of Pakistan for its versatile industries.


Eight districts of Punjab and their subdivisions are covered by the Faisalabad electricity supply company, as given below:

  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Khushab
  • Mianwali
  • Chiniot
  • Bakhar
  • T.T. Singh
  • Jhang
FESCO Online Bill territory

Taxes in the FESCO bill:

Two types of taxes are applied to the FESCO electricity bill. One is FESCO charges, and the other is government charges. You must know these charges to keep yourself updated according to your budget. Details of a few important charges or taxes are given:

FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment)

In every monthly bill, FESCO includes fuel charges for those energy companies that generate electricity from crude oil. Its prices may fluctuate every month, and it depends on current fuel prices in the country.

Fuel cost > reference cost = FPA increases.

Fuel cost< reference cost = FPA decreases.

TR (Tariff Rationalization) Surcharge

It depends upon various factors like fuel cost and energy consumption for power generation. Basically, the TR surcharge accounted for electricity rates in the country. It checks that the tariff rates applied in our bill are aligned with policies or regulations.

It is a tariff difference between NEPRA and the GOP. Distribution authorities will be responsible for paying any negative difference, while the GOP will pay any positive difference as a subsidy.

FC (Financing Cost)

It is dependent on a number of variables, including the price of fuel and the amount of energy used to generate power. The financing cost is 0.43 Rs per kWh or 43 paise per unit. It is a collection of debt amounts for Power Holding Private Companies. It is an extra amount that is collected from all consumers except domestic consumers.

QTA (Quarterly Tariff Adjustment)

It is an adjustment price that is applied to electricity bills every three months. This price is revised every 3 months, not every month. These prices reflect changes in cost that include fuel prices, inflation in the country, and other factors which cause the disturbance in the cost of electricity production and distribution.

GST (General Sales Tax)

It is a tax price implied by the government of the country. It is 17%  of the total bill amount. For instance, if your bill amount is 100 Rs., you must pay 17 Rs more as GST.

Deferred Amount

It is an amount in electricity, which refers to the portion of the bill that has been postponed for payment after a due date. This can be done by the power distribution companies, to make special arrangements for their consumers and also provide them temporary relief.

TV Fee

The TV fee is an amount that covers the cost of a PTV channel. PTV is broadcast by the government. This fee is collected by the power distribution companies to provide funds for television and radio broadcasting. This TV fee is just 35 Rs. which is taken from the consumers.

FESCO Bill Payment Method:

There are two methods for electricity bill payment. One is an offline method, and the other is an online method.

Offline payment method:

A hard copy of the original bill is necessary for the offline bill payment method. Now, you can pay your FESCO utility bill at all branches of commercial and financial banks. You can also pay at post offices and utility stores. 

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) 2. Silkbank Limited
3. United Bank Limited (UBL)4. MCB Bank Limited (MBL)
5. Habib Bank Limited (HBL)6. Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
7. Faysal Bank LimitedBank 8. Bank Islami Pakistan Limited
9. Al-Habib LimitedSindh Bank Limited10. Meezan Bank Limited
11. Bank Alfalah Limited12. Standard Chartered Bank
13. Askari Bank Limited14. Pakistan Summit Bank Limited

Online payment method:

Now, you can pay your bill through all bank’s online apps, Jazzcash and Easypaisa, without any extra charges. You can also save time using the online method.

1. Jazzcash2. Easy paisa
3. UBL Digital App4. HBL Mobile App
5. Meezan Mobile App6. Faysal Bank Mobile App
7. Bank Alfalah Internet Banking8. UBL Go Green
9. UBL Omni10. MCB Mobile App

FESCO Services:

FESCO provides beneficial services to its customers so that they don’t need to worry about their bills.

  • Electricity distributions are at their doorstep.
  • FESCO online meter application.
  • Accurate tariff detail.
  • Different bill payment methods.
  • Meter reading for an accurate bill.
  • Customer support is available to all customers.
  • FESCO MIS, SMS, and e-mail services.

FESCO peak hours:

In any country, electricity is the most valuable resource. There is a shortage of electricity in our country. We should save our electricity by following peak hours.

April – October6:30 PM – 10:30 PM
November – March6:00 PM –10:00 PM

FESCO Helpline:

If you have any emergency, query, or FESCO complaint, feel free to contact us at the given numbers. 

Helpline No:+92-41-9220184
Complaint No:+92-41-9220229
UAN No:080066554
FESCO address :Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, West Canal Road, Abdullah Pur, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Additionally, you may file your complaints and any inquiries with them using the FESCO Telephone Directory.


FESCO, the Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company, helps you easily check and pay your electricity bill online at fescoebills.com.pk. Covering eight districts in Punjab, FESCO ensures reliable and affordable power. Understand your bill’s taxes like FPA and GST for informed decisions. Pay your bill offline at banks or online through apps like Jazzcash. With clear billing and helpful services, FESCO is your go-to for hassle-free electricity management. Visit FESCO Online Bill for updates and assistance. Power up with FESCO’s simplicity and reliability!


You can download your FESCO online bill by visiting fescoebills.com.pk, where you enter a 14-digit reference number or customer ID. Now view the full electricity bill in detail and download it.

It is not possible to check your FESCO electricity bill by CNIC or mobile number. You can only check your electricity bill details by reference number or customer ID.

By visiting the nearest customer office, fulfilling all the requirements for the new connection, and applying online through the ENC web portal (enc.com.pk), you will be able to get a new connection to FESCO.

If you want to change the name of an owner, you have to visit the nearest sub-division with associated documents.

As we know,:

1 kWh = l kilowatt × 1 hour

If your appliances have a power of 1000 watts/ (1 kW) and you used electricity for 10 hours, you consumed 10 units.

You can complain on 118 about your queries. Further, you can also visit the telephone directory.

Yes, you can calculate the FESCO bill with the help of a FESCO bill calculator.

You can check previous-year bill history in the history section, where you can also see how many units you have consumed or how much you have paid.

FESCO MIS is a management and information system that handles and controls the information and data of their customers. FESCO MIS helps people check their billing details.

FESCO SMS service is launched by the FESCO authority. The FESCO SMS service sends a monthly billing report to your phone number.