Change of name on your FESCO Electricity bill

If you want to change of name on your FESCO electricity bill, you can apply it online or by visiting a nearby office. Otherwise, you have to visit a nearby office. The process can be efficiently completed by following a few steps.

You have two methods for changing your name for electricity bill. One method is going to the customer service center, and the other is applying for the online ENC (Electricity New Connection) system. After 3-4 days, you will notice your name will be changed on your bill.

Traditional Method to change of name on your FESCO electricty bill at FESCO Customer Service Center:

To change your name on the FESCO electricity bill, you should first go to a nearby customer service center. Ask an office member for an application form. After getting the form, provide complete information about you such as your name, account number, address, and contact information.

The attested documents and application should be submitted to a nearby office. Check the accuracy of all the details. Give the application to the nearby office, including every document needed. 

Your bill will be updated with the new information after FESCO has processed it, and you will receive the updated bill the following month.You should know that a nominal fee will also apply for this service and the processing time will be based on the complexities of your request.

Name Change Through ENC System:

For customer convenience, the ENC system allows its user to change their name online by following a few steps.

Steps to Change of Name Through ENC System:

Step 1

  1. Open your google.
Enter ENC for new connection

Step 2

2. Go to the ENC official website: http//

ENC new connection official website

Step 3

Select the “Change of name.”

 Click on Change of name

Click on the “Change”.

Change of name on ENC

Step 4

Provide all necessary information according to the application form.

  • Give you a Reference number
  • Enter your CNIC in the given field.
  • Put your phone number for any query.
Enter reference number, CNIC, phone number to change of name on your fesco bill

Step 5

Enter your current name or new name in the given field.

current name and new name on change of name on your fesco bill

Step 6

Upload necessary attachments.

  1. Attested CNIC Copy of Applicant
  2. Applicant Electricity Bill Copy
  3. Proof of Ownership
necessary documents for change of name on your fesco bill

Step 7

Click on the “ Submitted” button to complete your application process.

change of name on your fesco bill

Applying to change the name on the FESCO bill online on the ENC system will save time and be more convenient for customers.


Whether you choose the traditional method at the FESCO customer service center or ENC  system, changing the name on your FESCO bill is easy. Follow all the steps, provide the correct information, and you will enjoy an updated name on your FESCO bill. Check your bill at FESCO Bill Online.

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