FESCO Bill Calculator | New Tariff rate July 2024

FESCO online Bill and calculator
FESCO Bill Calculator

FESCO provides a bill calculator to calculate your electricity bill at your home. Before calculating your bill, one must know about the tariff rate, according to the GOP.

There are two methods to calculate your bill. One method is online, and the other is to calculate the bill themselves.

How to calculate bills by themselves?

It is a simple process. You must know about these terms.

  • No. of units consumed
  • Rate of units 
  • Tariff rate

Methods to calculate bill:

Amount of Bill = Total number of units consumed × Rate of units consumed (Tariff rate) + 

                               Exemption + Charges

FESCO electricty bill calculator

How to calculate bills by using a FESCO bill calculator?

Bill’s calculator does the same work. Just enter your details about consumed units and the tariff rate.

Visit the official website FESCO web bill to check the bill online.

FESCO Bill Unit Rates

FESCO slab rates for Domestic Consumers:

Units/Per Months
Unit Price
Up to 50 units per monthRs. 22.00
Between 51 and 100 units per monthRs. 22.00
Between 101 and 200 units per monthRs. 32.00
Between 201 and 300 units per monthRs. 37.00
Between 301 and 700 units per monthRs. 52.00
More than 700 units per monthRs. 65.00

Visit fescoebills.com.pk to check your bill Online.