Explore the benefits of FESCO MIS

What is Management and Information Systems (MIS)?

You are looking forward to getting information about FESCO MIS. First, you need to know about MIS. MIS is an informational system that organizes, collects, stores, analyzes, and provides data to its users. It helps authorities manage the data carefully without any mishandling. In MIS, the system involves people, technology, information, processes, and data to achieve the primary goal. In short, MIS is the system that organizes data so that management authorities can operate it more effectively.

What is FESCO Management and Information System?

The word “MIS” is abbreviated as Management and Information System, and FESCO also works on this system to provide its customers with complete data and information. FESCO MIS was designed to manage electricity aspects in Faisalabad and its territory. The main aim of FESCO is to provide better services to its consumers with accuracy, transparency, and good management. People who are using electricity and consumers of FESCO get beneficial services from FESCO.

If you are living in the territory of FESCO, then you can check and download your Faisalabad electricity bill online.

Benefits of FESCO MIS:

FESCO MIS is the comprehensive system used by the people living in the area of FESCO. This vast system manages various processes like billing details, consumed units, customer details, and management details. The MIS portal also gives detailed information on the processing of data and management systems. For the citizens and organizations of Faisalabad to have a reliable and steady power supply, FESCO MIS is important.

Importance of MIS Portal:

The Management Information System (MIS) of FESCO is an important part of the business, automating and optimizing a number of tasks like outage monitoring, customer information management, and electricity bills. The MIS gives management access to real-time data and analysis, allowing for requests and well-informed decision-making. It improves coordination and communication among many departments, which enhances efficiency and productivity. The MIS also enhances resource tracking and monitoring, which lowers expenses and optimizes operations. FESCO’s MIS is essential to maintaining efficient operations and providing customers with excellent service.

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How do you log in to the MIS Online Portal?

  • Visit the official website of FESCO MIS.
  • Under the employees section, there is an option for MIS.
  • Click on “MIS,” and you will be redirected to MIS’s official website.
  • Enter your details for “username” and “password”.
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Important features of the FESCO MIS online portal:

FESCO MIS provides reliable information and detail. Here are the important features of the online system provided by FESCO.

Automation for electricity bills:

Automation for electricity bills refers to the system that automatically manages, controls, and processes electricity bills without manual interference.

Manage customer details:

In customer details, comprehensive information related to customers is present. It includes names, contact details, residential information, and transaction history. The main aim of FESCO MIS is to improve customer satisfaction.

Manage breakdown of power supply:

The management of outages or shortages of electricity includes managing any failure or disturbance in the power distribution companies and being responsible for the distribution of electricity.

User-friendly Interface:

A user-friendly interface refers to software, devices, apps, and websites that are easy to understand. A user-friendly interface means users can easily access and understand the functions of systems without the need for extensive knowledge to understand them.

Meter reading management:

 Meter reading management refers to the process of managing, collecting, reading, and analyzing the data of utility meters like electricity, gas, and water meters.

In this management, authorities manage or read automated meter readings (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to ensure the quality and accuracy of the billing system.

Gives security and privacy to consumers:

FESCO MIS provides security and privacy to its consumers. It is a trustworthy website; even customers can easily share their details on the website to ensure that further information or details about their electricity bill are given to them properly. It ensures that their data is safe from any unauthorized access and used for any misuse.

Connection and disconnection management:

Connection and disconnection management at FESCO MIS is responsible for connecting the new meter to incoming customers and providing them with all the facilities to get new connections for the FESCO meter. It is also responsible for cutting down on electricity for customers who didn’t pay any bills in the previous month or engaged in any illegal activity with their electric meters. Effective management of the system ensures the satisfaction of their customers.

Billing detail:

This system ensures that billing details are provided to their customers. Billing details include the total amount due, the total billing period, and any taxes, charges, or other fees included in bills. It also includes payment methods, the due date, and the total bill amount. It helps its customers understand their total billing details for when they are being charged and what they will have to pay in the future.

Real-time data access:

Real-time data means FESCO MIS receives and retrieves data that is continuously updated and generated. On the basis of real-time data access, a consumer makes decisions. Real-time data access is crucial for customers to be updated according to the information provided by the MIS portal.

Give Customer services:

It provides free services to its customers before, during, and after the application process of FESCO. This system gives answers to its customers, resolves their issues, offers technical support in any emergency case, and ensures customer satisfaction with its FESCO services. Effective FESCO services to its customers build loyalty and trust and also upgrade the customer experience.

Online services:

Online services refer to the services that FESCO provides over the Internet through MIS. These services include an online bill payment service, a new FESCO connection, a change of name in the FESCO bill, communication, customer support, meter reading, and a due date. FESCO MIS’s online service gives its customers access to perform its functions conveniently from mobile phones or laptops.


The word “MIS” is abbreviated as Management Information System, which represents FESCO’s complete service solution to its consumers for electricity distribution management.

The primary objective of FESCO’s is to provide cheap and reliable services to customers living in FESCO territory. It ensures uninterrupted electricity supply to Faisalabad and enhances its quality and efficiency.

FESCO’s management information system ensures customer support for its consumers, real-time data access, and online services, and allows its customers to access their details without any interference.

Faisalabad MIS guarantees accountability and transparency to its consumers and gives access to their personal information and data.

The management information system provides various online services to the people of Faisalabad and its nearby region, who are FESCO customers. These services include bill payment methods, online bill registration, new connections, and due dates. These services offered by MIS save customers precious time and effort.

FESCO made a big achievement by giving its consumers access to MIS. It improves customers’ loyalty, experience, and revenue produced by FESCO and enhances electricity distribution for the whole Faisalabad region.

This function is not under the control of FESCO. Instead, FESCO management is dependent on their customers to inform them about any electricity theft in their regions.

Faisalabad MIS guarantees accountability and transparency to its consumers and gives access to their personal information and data.