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Net Metering and Solar Metering of FESCO O nline Bill

Have you ever read about FESCO net metering and thought about the benefits of sunlight? Let me explain about the green meter, which is also called net metering. Not only can you get sunlight through solar energy panels and convert it into electricity, but you also store some extra energy. You will get this benefit through FESCO’s solar metering program.

I am explaining to you the main idea about green meters. Installing solar panels on your roof is a must. These panels’ primary goal is to collect sunlight and transform it into electrical power. You can share electricity with your neighbors by sending any excess energy your solar system generates back to the power plant. It is an opportunity for customers to sell or save electricity.

Here is a brief description.

Net metering / Solar net metering function in FESCO Online Bill

Introduction of FESCO net metering:

FESCO always cooperates with their customers. It initiated beneficial steps for its customers like the solar metering program. Whether you have a business, are running house expenses, or are an industrialist, FESCO gives all of its customers a big deal of opportunity to benefit from net metering.

How does solar metering perform its function?

  • Solar panels get a lot of energy from the sun and convert this sunlight into DC (Direct Current).
  • Then, the inverter converts this Direct current into Alternating Current.
  • Alternating current (AC) is now used for household purposes.
  • The extra amount of electricity which is not in your use goes to Grid Power Station where they share it with their other customers.
  • A smart meter, also called a bidirectional meter, is used to track your units consumed or transferred.

FESCO net metering gives you money for sharing electricity. A bidirectional meter keeps an eye on your use of electricity from the grid and the electricity you have shared with them. You will get money for every unit of electricity you share with them, and it is also applied to your electricity bill, so you pay less. Sometimes, if more energy is transferred to them than you use, you get money back. This taking-giving method is called solar metering.

Amount of energy consumed – Amount of energy produced = Net Metering

Guidance for application process of green meter:

First, you should get a license for net metering from NEPRA. Then, submit your application to the FESCO customer service office. Following are the steps involved in it.

  • Agreement license for connection between the electric source or grid power station.
  • Application form for connection between the electric source or grid power station.
  • Application for getting a license from NEPRA.
  • Application for Relief according to Section 24 of the Act.
  • Fee submission scheduled.
  • Written Statement.
  • Copy of License from Power Station.
  • Attested copy of CNIC.
  • Attach the last paid electricity bill.
  • Ensure the applicant’s name must match with the meter connection owner.
  • Provide all details about your solar panels or inverters.
  • You must show them a schematic diagram net metering connection at your home.
  • Tell them all the necessary details so the inspection team can inspect the system.

Processing and Procedure:

To fulfill the need of NEPRA, you must follow these steps for processing and procedure.

  • Send this application form with all attested documents to the FESCO customer service office so that they can check your application form for further processing.
  • If you missed any applications or documents, the service office will give you a time of 7 days. In this period you should complete all your documents.
  • After submitting documents, the company will check whether you are eligible for a net metering connection.
  • Your application criteria must fulfill the need of NEPRA, and further you will be informed accordingly.

NEPRA Net Metering Fee in Pakistan:

Where electricity is produced, the customer will submit a one-time fee to NEPRA. The fee detail for solar metering in Pakistan for 2024 is as follows.

Serial NoRangeNet Metering Fee
10-20 kwFree
220-50 kw500
350-100 kw1000
4100-1000 kw5000

The rates vary with the capacity of electricity generation. Usually, a householder requires an investment of 80,000 to 180,000 rupees.


In conclusion, you can use solar panels to turn sunshine into electricity and share extra power with the grid through FESCO’s net metering scheme. Your electricity bill is lowered as a result of credits and even rebates for excess energy used. Applying to FESCO and obtaining a NEPRA license are the first steps in getting started. You can reduce your costs and help create a more sustainable future by switching to solar power. You can also visit fescoebills.com.pk to check your FESCO online bill.


Solar panels get energy from sunlight, transfer this energy to DC which converts it into electricity and consumed by houses then extra energy transferred to power stations.

  • Save your money 
  • Helps the environment
  • Increase your property value

The cost price is based on the capacity of your electric generator.

You can apply for it by visiting your nearby customer office.

It work on the base of solar panels, inverter and bidirectional meter.

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