FESCO Electricity New Connection | Fast & Easy Process

Are you seeking information on how to apply for a FESCO new connection? The procedure for getting a new connection to FESCO is easy to understand. You can apply online in a few time.

Methods to apply for electricity new connection (ENC) 

There are two methods to apply for a FESCO new connection:

  • Online Method
  • Offline Method

First, we will discuss the online method. It is easy and time-saving; you just need some relevant information on how to apply online and which documents are necessary for it. 

Online Method for FESCO New Connection

After visiting the ENC website, you can easily apply for a new connection. ENC ( Electricity New Connection) is an official website for new connections.For my visitors’ convenience, I am giving you image details that you must know about the procedure and how to apply it to avoid any mishandling work in your procedure. Before applying for a new connection online, you must have the following documents. 

  • CNIC copy of Applicant
  • CNIC copy of witness
  • Copy of Property Document
  • Neighbours FESCO Electricity Bill copy

All documents which are mentioned above are available in hard and soft form.

After completing the relevant documents, now the other step is to apply online by following a few steps.

Step 1

To apply online, visit ENC’s official website.

Step 2

Click on the “Apply” button under the red highlighted area. 

ENC electricity new connection apply option online

Step 3

You will be taken to a page with a form asking for your neighbor’s consumer reference number once you click the “Apply” button. As soon as you enter this number, the system will directly fetch the relevant information, including the name and address of your neighbor, the distribution company, and the name and code of the subdivision to which it belongs. 

ENC new connection form to enter reference number to apply it online

Step 4

This is where you will be asked to choose the load type that best fits your needs in terms of quantity and usage. Depending on the kind of connection you require, you will have to choose. Your load requirement is unlikely to be more than 5KW, for example, if you need a home connection. Under these circumstances, you can select option 1, which supports a maximum load of 15KW. 

Step 5

Following submitting the required primary data, you will be shown a number of connection types and other options. You must choose the one that best fits your needs. You should select the “Domestic” connection type, for example, if you need a connection for household use. Or, you can choose the appropriate connection type if a tube well connection is required.

ENC New connection type for fesco bill online

Step 6

Enter your personal information by scrolling down the page after choosing the suitable connection type.

Select “Landlord” if you are the owner of the property where the connection is required. Conversely, choose the “Tenant” option if you are a tenant. Next, fill in the first field with your full name and the second with the name of your spouse or father.

After this step, now you need to enter your personal information. Could you scroll down to add it?

Select “Landlord” If you are the owner of the property where the connection is required. Otherwise, select the “Tenant” if you are not the landlord.

Then, enter your name and your father or spouse’s name.

Click on the citizenship option. If you are Pakistani, then click on “Citizen of Pakistan”. After that, fill in further details of your CNIC number and residential address that are mentioned on your CNIC.

There are two options for mobile numbers. In “Mobile Number 1”, enter your active phone number or in “Mobile Number 2”, enter the phone number of your father or your spouse.

ENC fesco electricity new connection applicant detail

Step 7

You must add the contact details of the person who is getting a new connection. There is an option of “Same as Above”, which can be checked; you can check it if you are applying for yourself. This will automatically add your previous details.

ENC FESCO electricity new connection contact information of applicant

Step 8

After the above steps, you now need to mention those appliances that will be used for household purposes in your home in this phase. There are many options from which you will choose the appliances. 

For example, you should select the option for a fan, then choose the number of fans in your house and their wattage information. You should take this example to complete the form for other appliances also.

In this phase, you must follow the number of appliances that will be used in your house. For this, select the option “Types of Appliances”

Step 9

After all the mentioned steps, now you will be asked to submit all documents. These documents include:

  • Attested CNIC Copy of Applicant
  • Attested CNIC Copy of Witness
  • Neighbour Electricity Bill Copy
  • Wiring Contractor`s Test Report

To accomplish this procedure, when you are filling out the form, there is an option of “Browser” where you can click on the button and submit the required documents in scanned form. Before clicking on the next step, you have to confirm that you submitted the previous records in the given field. Before the submit option, you must check that you provide appropriate details and information about the new connection.

FESCO Electricty new connection ENC documents attachment which include Property Document Copy
Attested CNIC Copy of Applicant
Attested CNIC Copy of Witness	
Neighbour Electricity Bill Copy	
Wiring Contractor`s Test Report

Step 10

After accepting the terms and conditions and submitting the required captcha, click on the “Submit” button.

FESCO electricity new connection ENC terms and conditions

If you want gto calculate your electricity bill online, visit FESCO Bill Calculator.

Offline Method for FESCO New Connection

If you want to apply to FESCO for a new connection, you must follow these steps.

Step 1

Visit FESCO Customer Service Center: For offline applications, go to the nearest FESCO Customer Service Center.  You can download the application form online from ENC.

Step 2

Application detail: Write and fill out accurate information on the application form, which includes

  • The applicant’s name
  • Residential address
  • Contact details
  • Type of connection ( residential/commercial/industrial)
  • load requirements and all other necessary information.

Step 3

Documents detail: Attach the attested documents with electricity new connection application form, which include:

  • Attested copy of National I identity Card (CNIC)
  • Attested previous month’s electricity bill
  • Attested copy of property ownership

Step 4

Submit: After completing and attaching all the required documents, please submit them to the nearest FESCO Customer Service Center or upload them online through the FESCO website.

Step 5

Feasibility Area: After submitting the new connection form, FESCO will check the capacity of your area for a new connection and also check the required load capacity.

Step 6

FESCO inspection: After inspection of your area, FESCO will tell you about the estimation of the new connection, which includes:

  • Connection fees
  • Security charges
  • Other required amounts for the new connection.

Step 7

Pay dues: Deposit connection fees and security charges according to the rule of FESCO.

Step 8

Estimated days for new connection: After all the procedures, FESCO will provide you with the new connection within specific days.

FESCO New Connection Demand Notice Fee

PhaseRegionDistance (meters)Amount in Rs
Single PhaseRuralUpto 404,000
Single PhaseRural41-1004,000+ Rs. 200/meter
Single PhaseRural101-16016,000+ Rs. 250/meter
Single PhaseUrbanUpto 404,000
Single PhaseUrban41-1004,000+ Rs. 200/meter
Single PhaseUrban101-16016,000+ Rs. 250/meter
Three PhaseRural & UrbanUpto 4015000
Three PhaseRural & Urban41-10015,000+ Rs. 260/meter
Three PhaseRural & Urban101-16030,600+ Rs. 300/meter
Three PhaseRural & Urban161-28048,600+ Rs. 340/meter

To check you electricity bill, visit FESCO Bill Online.