User Guide for FESCO Customers

User Guide for FESCO online Bill

Here is a thorough FESCO user guide that will show you how to make use of our most user-friendly and convenient website,, to check and download your FESCO electric bill online. A guide that goes through each step is provided below.

FESCO user guide to download your FESCO Bill Online:

1. Visiti

To check your bill online, visit

2. Look at Reference number on your bill

If you want to check bill online, look at red highlighted area, where you will notice Reference number and Customer ID.

3. Enter Reference Numeber or Customer ID in the given field

Then eneter your Reference ID in the given field to check your bill.

4. Print your Bill

If you want to keep the copy of your bill, then click on Print Button.

5. Download your Bill as PDF

You can also download your FESCO bill as PDF for future use.

If you have any query related to guide, you can conatct us.

FESCO Online Bill User Guide for users